Use Cases

Churn Reduction

Predict which customers are likely to quit and take proactive action accordingly.

The problem

Customers who no longer use a product and thus leave mean financial losses for a company. Many customer churns turn out to be avoidable and could be prevented with appropriate measures. Identifying customers who are about to churn is difficult with manual methods because the factors are complex.

Our solution

If companies can already predict which customers will churn, sales staff could take appropriate measures to prevent the customer from leaving. This includes plans to retain, renew or maintain customers. The ai.dopt software provides the ability to identify and analyse the many complex factors that influence churn. It does this by analysing churn that has already been documented and examining it for patterns. Based on this, artificial intelligence can be used to identify patterns that predict which customers will churn.

Your added value

The model enables you to predict and prevent customer churn by taking targeted actions tailored to the customer. Minimise churn while increasing customer loyalty by understanding their potential motivations to leave and responding early.


Other Use Cases

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