Use Cases

Employee turnover

Forecast which employees are at risk of leaving the company and target them for more intensive care.

The problem

Employee turnover is also accompanied by financial losses. Here, not only are costs incurred for the induction or training of new personnel, the change also means a loss of qualified people and valuable team members. In addition, other employees could join the changing colleague. There are many basic ways to prevent employee turnover and save associated costs. However, the variables that affect the likelihood of an employee leaving are complex and interrelated, making them difficult to predict manually.

Our solution

The ai.dopt software starts at this point and enables your company to avoid employee turnover. Based on data on employee departures that have already taken place, a model is created that includes the multiple variables that influence employee turnover. This allows you to forecast employee churn and take preventive action to avoid it in the first place.

Your added value

This can significantly reduce unwanted employee turnover and at the same time strengthen employee loyalty to the company through appropriate measures. In this way, you can save costs in your company for recruiting and training new employees to replace those who have left. You also strengthen satisfaction and cohesion in your team.


Other Use Cases

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