Use Cases

Lead conversion

Forecast which leads will convert earliest and most likely.

The problem

As companies work to expand their reach and customer base, they rely on generating leads through various channels. These are collected and processed to be converted into future customers through marketing and sales. Here, due to the larger scale of the sales and marketing efforts, it can be a challenge to filter out the most promising leads from those generated.

Our solution

The ai.dopt software can be used here to assist your business in successful lead conversion. It does this by using your relevant data to predict the likelihood of a particular prospect for conversion. The AI solution focuses on the attributes that are most important in predicting a potential customer acquisition. The resulting model helps you decide which promotions, marketing activities and other content are most interesting depending on the lead.

Your added value

Using the model makes it much easier for you to filter out the most promising leads. With the ai.dopt software, it is not only possible for you to implement targeted measures for measurable effective lead conversion. You also reduce the time spent on the potential analysis, which you can then invest in the conversion measures.


Other Use Cases

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