Use Cases

Dynamic pricing

Predicting willingness to pay and setting up Uber-like dynamic pricing.

The problem

Nowadays, customers not only have immediate access to products and delivery options, but it is also possible for them to seek price comparisons between traders and service providers. Therefore, every online business should consider pricing as an important promotional tool. However, pursuing manual pricing strategies will not achieve the efficiency and speed that dynamic retail requires.

Our solution

Dynamic pricing through our ai.dopt software allows your prices to automatically adjust to changing circumstances, making your business truly competitive. This allows you to set prices within minutes, rather than once a quarter, respond appropriately to supply and demand, and aim for maximum monetisation.

Your added value

The use of ai.dopt software in dynamic pricing offers companies many advantages: Benefit from an increased conversion rate, a higher profit margin and faster price adjustments to market changes. Using our software also reduces manual work and enables more efficient planning processes. With dynamic pricing, you also achieve success with your customers by increasing customer satisfaction and reducing customer churn.


Other Use Cases

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