Use Cases

Cross-Selling & Upselling

Forecast future sales opportunities with existing customers.

The problem

It is more cost-efficient for companies to retain and develop existing customers than to acquire new ones. Customers may be interested in a different product from the company as well as in upgrading an existing product. However, the manual approach of presenting customers with different offers for new products and upgrades at the same time might catch them off guard and not lead to the desired result.

Our solution

The ai.dopt software helps to identify which customer is interested in other products and which customer is interested in a product upgrade. This is done by using historical data such as demographic information, product usage or similar products to create a model on this basis. With the help of the model, your company's marketers can determine which touchpoints are likely to lead to the targeted action.

Your added value

By using the ai.dopt software, you increase your profits by being able to suggest products or upgrades to customers that are most likely to generate interest. By tailoring measures to customers, you also increase customer loyalty, establish new customers as existing customers and avoid customer churn due to inefficient product offerings. You thus raise the standards for customer success in your company.


Other Use Cases

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