Use Cases

Targeted Marketing

Predict which offers are most attractive for each individual customer.

The problem

Targeted marketing represents an important department in the company, as the orientation of the department is focused on making the product known to the target group and expanding the customer base in the target market. Knowing the target market and targeting the potential customer group with clear messages is crucial. However, segmenting the target group to place specific offers and campaigns is difficult with manual strategies.

Our solution

The ai.dopt software can be used here to classify the identified target group. Thus, targeted offers and campaigns can be placed on this basis. For this purpose, historical data on previously realised offers and campaigns are used to create a model on this basis. With the help of the model, it is possible to forecast the success of specific offers and campaigns for the target group and the individual target group areas.

Your added value

By using the ai.dopt software to predict the success of your target group-specific offers and campaigns, you significantly reduce the placement of ineffective and unfocused advertising campaigns. In the future, you can tailor your advertising offers precisely to your customers. In this way, you measurably increase your company's turnover and customer base through the use of effective and targeted customer offers that you can identify with the help of our software.


Other Use Cases

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