Use Cases

Fraud detection

Detect fraudulent transactions immediately and take proactive measures.

The problem

Credit card fraud is the most common form of identity theft today, resulting in high financial losses on a small scale, but also on a larger scale. However, since the majority of transactions made are not fraudulent, detecting the fraudulent transactions is a challenge. Conventional methods of identifying and preventing these transactions are not particularly promising.

Our solution

The use of ai.dopt software, on the other hand, enables the successful identification and avoidance of fraudulent transactions. Our artificial intelligence finds statistical patterns in large amounts of data entered. In terms of fraud detection, our software enables pattern recognition in fraudulent transactions and modelling that makes fraud prediction possible.

Your added value

With the help of the ai.dopt software, a model can be created that can predict and avoid future forms of fraud - such as credit card fraud - based on the learned patterns in the fraudulent transactions. In this way, affected customers can be informed in a targeted manner.


Other Use Cases

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