Use Cases

Real estate prices

Forecast property prices based on historical valuations and demographic data.

The problem

Companies face constant changes in real estate prices, which they need to keep a constant eye on, just like their competitors. Since investments in real estate are long-term and mostly planned investments, the correct forecast of the development of real estate prices is a necessary competence feature. However, since the development of real estate prices is determined by a multitude of variables, a reliable forecast can hardly be achieved by manual evaluations.

Our solution

With the help of the ai.dopt software you can reliably predict the development of real estate prices. This is done by using historical data such as the property information, the locations, the previous owners or the condition of the properties. A model is then created based on this data, which allows you to make predictions for future prices.

Your added value

Therefore, using our software will allow you to remain competitive in the long term by predicting property prices quickly and accurately. Thus, increase the efficiency of your business by predicting real estate prices and determining which properties will be the first to disappear from the market.


Other Use Cases

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